View Your Records Online

Many GPs offer online services to their patients and from April 2016 all GPs should provide their patients with online access to view their ‘coded’ medical GP record.   This means that information on your computerised medical record, which has been entered using set national codes, will be accessible for you to view via the online access system.  Some information will not be visible such as non coded data and some documents.

There are currently three online services available:

1.  Booking appointments

2.  Repeat medication prescription requests 

3.  Access to coded medical records How do I register for the service?

If you wish to use the online services, you’ll need to register first. Please download the Online Access Medical Records registration form or ask the receptionist when you are next in the surgery.  For more detailed information about the Patient Online services download the:

Read more information about online service on the NHS Choices website.    

Online services do not replace traditional ways of contacting your GP practice, over the phone or in person. They simply offer additional ways to interact with your GP, making it easier and more convenient.   For example, you can book and cancel appointments any time of the day, order your repeat prescription from home or at work, save yourself a trip to the GP practice, or look up your medications online. 

It’s hoped the services will free up phone lines for people with no internet access, and enable GP practices to manage appointments and telephone calls more efficiently.