Self-Referral for ENT conditions

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Did you know that if you are an Enfield patient who is over 18 years old, you can now have ear and hearing related problems treated without seeing a GP or getting a referral?

If you are over 18

Are you suffering from either of the following?

  • Hearing loss problems
  • Ringing or noises in the ears (Tinnitus) for more than 3 weeks

Telephone: 0203 456 5063


The inclusions & exclusions are as follows:

– Are you 18 or over?

– Do you have one or more of the following symptoms: Hearing loss, tinnitus, ear wax or discharge?

Exclusions- require Gp review:

– Is your ear pain and discharge new within the last 2 week

– Do you have a fever?

– Is your ear red and swollen?

– Do you have any dizzy symptoms

– Has your hearing loss happened suddenly within the last week?

– Are your ears blocked with wax? – if so please start applying olive oil a week before your appointment every day.

What to Expect:

During your visit you will:

  1. Complete questions about your problems on a smart phone or tablet.
  2. See a specialist audiologist who will conduct video – ear examinations. 
  3. Clear wax if necessary
  4. Perform a hearing test
  5. Be given a management plan 

Ear surgeons at the Royal National ENT hospital will be able to confidentially watch video of your ear examination and hearing test to review your case, and ensure that you have been offered the best management plan. 

In some instances the ear surgeon may want to see you themselves and will arrange either a telephone or face to face appointment with you. 

You will be asked to give permission for your data to be used anonymously for hospital research or asked about your satisfaction with the service. Both of these are voluntary and will not influence your care. 

Are you suffering from either of the following?

  • Patients with active ear infections (causing ear pain and/or weeping from the ear)
  • Vertigo or balance related problems (dizziness)