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Winchmore Hill Practice 
Dr Noor, Dr Sankaran, Dr Takla, Dr Shah

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find out a result?


Test results may be obtained between 2pm - 6pm by telephone.. Blood tests and urine tests are usually back after 5 working days but some may take longer. Xrays can take up to 3 weeks from the date of the test and smear results may take 8 weeks.


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get a sick certificate?


Sickness certificates are issued after 7 days of self-certification. The self-certificates should be provided by your employer. Private certificates can be issued for the first 7 days, for which a fee is payable. Fees chargeable will be displayed at the reception desk. Sickness Certificates can only be given if you have been seen by the doctor or spoken to a doctor for that complaint. Where you may have seen a doctor in hospital, the doctor may be able to provide you with a certificate based on the information received from the hospital but it is best to speak to a doctor at the surgery or request a note to see if this is possible.


COVID-19 related sick notes 


  1. Symptomatic so isolating for seven days

Patients can and should self-certify for the first seven days as normal if they are unfit to work. They do not need to contact their GP.

  1. Symptomatic and remaining unwell for over seven days

If they remain unwell and unfit to work after seven days, the current advice is to visit www.111.nhs.uk where there is an online self-assessment tool which should be up and running soon. They do not need to contact their GP for a certificate but you can advise patients to use the template form below.




  1. Household contact symptoms so isolating for fourteen days as per government advice

GPs cannot and are not the gatekeeper of the statutory sick pay system and can only provide certificates for the purpose of illness, not in relation to government advice regarding self-isolation. Employers are responsible for putting in place arrangements for home/remote working where this is possible. Where it is not, the employee may self-certify and return to work following the relevant absence which their employer may authorise as per government advice.

  1. At risk group so following government advice

Where they do become unwell during or after this time, point 1 and 2 applies. They do not need to contact their GP.

  1. Those in full time education who are symptomatic or requiring self-isolation.

There is no NHS requirement to issue certification to schools or colleges to confirm absence. These organisations must work with parents and students to ensure that any absence is appropriately recorded, obviating the need for a ‘doctor’s note’. They do not need to contact their GP.

The current Government Guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19) states;

“By law, medical evidence is not required for the first 7 days of sickness. After 7 days, employers may use their discretion around the need for medical evidence if an employee is staying at home.

We strongly suggest that employers use their discretion around the need for medical evidence for a period of absence where an employee is advised to stay at home either as they are unwell themselves, or live with someone who is, in accordance with the public health advices issued by the government.”

Until further guidance is available, Londonwide LMCs would suggest that practices upload the attached letter to their website and requests that if needed by patients they use this letter as the practice will not provide a medical certificate for patients requiring self-isolation for coronavirus.




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view my medical records?


Under the Data Protection Act 1988, you are entitled to see your records.  There are two options:


1) Online Access to Coded Data in Your Medical Records

You can register for online access to the coded data in your medical records, such as; investigations, results, consultations.  Please download and complete the registration form and take this to the reception, or pick up a registration form from the reception.  


2)  View your Full Medical Records

To view all your medical records, you must apply in writing and you will  view your records on site under supervision at a pre-arranged date. There is an administrative charge of £10 for you to view your records.

 Should you require copies of any of your medical records there will be an administrativecharge up to a maximum of £50.  For more information please download and complete the Access to Medical Records application form and bring this to the reception to processed.


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make a payment?


Unfortunately, only cash or cheque payments are available and need to be paid in advance of the treatment.


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get travel vaccinations?


Please read more information on the Travel Vaccines page and download and print the travel risk assessment form and bring it into the surgery. One of the nurses will contact you within 48 hours to discuss and make an appointment if necessary. It is generally recommended that you come at least eight weeks before your intended date of travel to allow sufficient time for the vaccines to take effect.


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get a coil fitted?


Only some doctors working at the surgery fit the contraceptive coil, so please ask at reception.


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get the pill?


If it is for the first time then you will need to make an appointment to see the doctor. You will then need to be seen at regular intervals and once you are stable on the pill you may be asked to attend once a year for an overall check up.


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see a doctor if I am under sixteen?


If you are under the age of 16 the doctor will still see you. However, it is generally recommended that wherever possible you should attend with an adult. When you are seen, the doctor will make an assessment as to whether you are mature enough to understand and in some cases, with your permission, may communicate with an adult next of kin. Of course we will respect your wishes if you do not wish your parents to be kept informed, especially regarding sensitive matters such as contraception.


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find an interpreter?


We use language line at the practice and may under certain circumstances arrange for an interpreter. Please ask the doctor or the receptionist if you need this assistance.


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make a complaint?


We hope you will not need to. Please speak to the Practice Manager in the first instance as we are keen to try and resolve any problems. Please find the patient information  leaflet . If you feel you cannot raise your complaint with us or are dissatisfied with the result of our investigation then you can contact England.contactus@nhs.net or telephone 0300 311 2233.  For our local Enfield Clinical Commissioning Board (CCG) please telephone 020 3688 2800 or visit their website for more information.


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have a private medical?


You can make an appointment with the doctor to have a private medical for insurance purposes but this will attract a fee. Please speak to reception.


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get a private referral?


By seeing a doctor. Insurance companies may not pay unless you have been properly referred.




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get to speak to a doctor?


If it is something medical and not a administrative query that one of the receptionists can deal with, the doctors at each two practices have telephone consultation sessions. Please find out details on our telephone system or ask at reception.


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I change address?


It is important that you notify us and fill out a form at reception or on-line. We sometimes have important information to send you or the hospital may need to write to you. If you have moved within your practice's catchment area it is not a problem. If you have moved out of the area you will need to register with a practice nearer to you.



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I am an overseas visitor?


Please check with reception. Depending on your country of residence and circumstances, we will need to check on your entitlement to free treatment.


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the surgery is closed?


Our "Out of Hours" service is provided by NHS 111. Their contact number is 111 which is free from landlines and mobiles.  It is only to be used for medical problems that cannot wait until normal surgery hours.


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I receive a letter asking to come in for a check-up?


We send out letters as part of your ongoing health care. We appreciate you lead busy lives but please don't ignore invitations for medical reviews.


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I am disabled?


We have a lift to all consulting rooms to make it easier for people with disabilities. Toilet facilities for people with disabilities are situated on the ground floor and first floor.  We also have disabled car parking spaces.


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I am deaf?


We provide a hearing loop for those people who need help to hear. For patients who are deaf, a RNID interpreter can be booked to attend your appointment at a mutually convenient time.


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I have not received my hospital appointment?


You need to ring the hospital appointments department. If they say they have not received a referral letter and know nothing about it, then contact the surgery. Have you changed address without informing us?


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I need a certificate of fitness to travel/perform?


Please note, this may not always be issued as it is subject to doctors opinion and also not that there is a charge payable.


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I am charged for certain treatments and vaccinations?


Not all services and treatments by the Surgery are funded by the NHS and in such cases we are able to make charges to recover our costs. Charges are only applied according to rules set by the government.


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